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    • July 17, 2018

      Greek Style Feta Cheese Salad

      Traditional Greek salad (or at least it is heavily inspired on the traditional version) with a block of feta infused with herbs, with ripe tomatoes and tasty and refreshing cucumbers.

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    • July 12, 2018

      Green Bean Salad

      Green bean salad is a simple dish that is full of flavour very typical of southern Spain and Gibraltar and has many variations across the Mediterranean. As with many salads of this region, it has raw garlic but you can also sauté the garlic so it is not as strong.

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    • May 9, 2018

      Berza – Chickpea Stew

      Berza is a traditional stew of the southernmost tip of Spain and has an incredible flavour using spearmint and sweet smoked paprika (or sun dried peppers) that may seem unusual but work together wonderfully. This is a veggie (vegan actually) version of the traditional dish that is also very healthy.

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    • April 6, 2018

      Decadent Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

      These decadent cookies are made with cocoa powder to make the dough intensely chocolatey as well as the dark chocolate chips. It is impossible to have just the one and they are crunchy on the outside and slightly gooey on the inside, a bit like a brownie.

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