Super Easy Vegan Gravy Sauce Recipe

Now that the holidays are swiftly coming upon us, many families and friends eat together and invariably if like me your family members are all meat eaters and Xmas dinners for them consist of a piece of meat with roast vegetables and gravy, then being the odd one out can be a bit of a headache for the one who is cooking. For the last few years I have been taking my own food, last year I made a delicious lentil and nut roast which I had with vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy sauce (vegan). However I many times make myself a mock roast with seitan medallions (like in the photo) or any other meat substitute, microwaved veggies and this version of a super quick and super tasty vegan gravy sauce that I am sure any meat eater would not know the difference. So the point is, why not make a gravy sauce that everyone (vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters) can enjoy? Food is meant to bring people together, so the more elements that can be enjoyed together the better.

This is not really a recipe, it is more of an idea because I am using just 2 ingredients, but this vegan gravy can be enjoyed by everyone. The secret to the tastiness and meatiness of this sauce is the yeast extract (Marmite). In fact if you look at the ingredients of beef stock cubes you will see that yeast extract features much higher than any animal products and is the main flavouring, so why not use it to enhance your gravy sauces yourself? I also use Bisto (the red packet) because it is accidentally vegan and suitable for everyone, but you can use any vegetable gravy granules or any other brand that happens to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Super Easy Vegan Gravy Sauce Recipe
Yield: 2-3 Servings
Difficulty: Easy
Cooking time:


  • 4 tsp (heaped) of Bisto gravy granules (red packet)
  • 2 tsp yeast extract (Marmite)
  • 300 ml water
  • 4 tsp (heaped) of Bisto gravy granules (red packet)
  • 2 tsp yeast extract (Marmite)
  • 1¼ cups of water


  1. Add the gravy granules to a measuring jug and add the water from a recently boiled kettle.
  2. Add the yeast extract and stir continuously until the yeast extract has dissolved (about 1 minute)
  3. This can be scaled up depending on how many portions are required.

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